Brief History

The West Clovis Judo Club was started in 1989 by Sensei Jeff Takeda, Shichidan (7th Degree Blackbelt). As a student of the Fowler Judo Club in 1957, Sensei Takeda studied under Professor Toshitaka Yamauchi, 8th Dan, and Sensei Frank Kawano, 6th Dan. Professor Yamauchi was a student of the Professor Jigoro Kano, founder of Kodokan Judo.

The club strives to develop Judo techniques, self-control and respect for others. It is known for it's spirited competitors in Shiai and recognized for having developed local, regional, state and national champions. The students of the West Clovis Judo Club have always had the reputation for showing good conduct, spirit, self-control and good sportsmanship.

As a non-profit organization, the Club is highly dependent upon private, tax-deductible contributions and volunteer support for its continuing existence. The Club is fortunate to have strong parent and family cooperation and support. Many businesses and individuals help and support the club activities by donating their money, time, materials or services.

The purpose of the West Clovis Judo Club is to teach and promote the sport of Judo for the attainment of the highest development of the mind and body of the participants for their benefit and the benefit of society; and to attain that purpose by emphasizing on physical culture, moral discipline and character, ideal sportsmanship and art of self defense.